Lifelong Bonds [Repost]

Lifelong Bonds formed working at Disneyland *previously published in 2014*

What is it about Disneyland that for those who worked there, they form lifelong bonds?

Is it from the pixie dust they throw on you at orientation when you start working as a Cast Member at the “Happiest Place on Earth?” Is it the camaraderie from working side by side with others, all of whom are smiling most of the time? Or is it Walt Disney’s spirit of optimism, still handed down to succeeding generations by Cast Members nearly 60 years after the park first opened in 1955?

Those bonds were recognized by two key Disneyland Cast Members, Van Arsdale France and Disneyland Executive Dick Nunis. They saw the need to help Cast Members stay connected after they left the park. This led them to form the Disneyland Alumni Club in 1983.

The Club has both a mission and a motto. Its motto is: Always part of the magic! Its mission: To preserve, honor and perpetuate the values, traditions and outlook upon which Disneyland was created.

One of the things the Club wants to do is explore the special bonds between Cast members, and to take a look back at some of the fun things they remember from working at the park.

One example is how many of us found our life mates while working at the park and are still together with them. Yet another is how new succeeding generations of Cast Members are working at the park their parents worked.

To help collect those special memories, the club is going to create a forum to tell those stories and others like: How did they end up working at Disneyland? What different roles did everyone have in their careers there? Another is how that spirit led many to work together in charities, some formed by Cast Members themselves.

The board knows that many current and former Cast Members are also Disneyland fans, and frequently visit the park. But it should be noted that, unlike some Disneyland fan websites, this is not about bashing the park. It is meant to show the fun side of working there, and how it affected later careers in a positive way.

With that in mind, we invite all current and former Disneyland Cast Members to send us their fun, positive stories. Those stories can be sent via email to: [email protected], or via snail mail to: Disneyland Alumni Club, P.O. Box 17280, Anaheim, CA 92817. You can also email the author, Mark Eades, at: [email protected] – please put “Disneyland Alumni Club” in the subject line if emailing the author.

There will be also be more information upcoming about the Club’s monthly meetings and events coming up. Look for weekly stories and more as things come in in the weeks and months to come.

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