Our Mission

To Preserve, Honor, and Perpetuate the Values, Traditions, and Outlook upon which Disneyland was created

Our History

This is the opening sentence from the first newsletter of The Disneyland Alumni Club, written by Van A. France, founder of the University of Disneyland and The Disneyland Alumni Club, as well as a Disney Legend. “I created the Alumni Club because Disneyland's leaders and I wanted to make Disneyland a life-long experience, something that adds to a Cast Member’s life after their work experience here at the Happiest Place on Earth comes to a close,” Van said.

"All Disneyland Cast Members are special. Walt knew that," explained one of our founders."

"In fact, he said, they have to be special in order to bring to life an outdoor entertainment experience found nowhere else in the world. The Disneyland Alumni Club brings together those special people and helps them all stay in touch with each other, while it preserves, honors, and perpetuates the values, traditions, and outlook upon which Disneyland was created."

For many years after its founding in 1983, The Disneyland Alumni Club existed as a list in a desk drawer. After Van’s passing in 1999, The Disneyland Alumni Club became self-supporting in 2001.

In 2005, after Disneyland’s 50th Anniversary, your all-volunteer leaders recognized the need for a fresh approach and a re-established foundation. Consequently in 2010, The Disneyland Alumni Club became a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, supported by its members and occasional donations. Since then, we have been able to host speaker series, a celebration for the Park’s 60th anniversary, screenings, and to add a number of popular new venues.
We’re delighted to say this club continues to grow. We even have our own Facebook page. We tweet too!

While the need for fresh input will always exist, we can confidently say that The Disneyland Alumni Club remains devoted and committed to the original vision of “you can’t take Disneyland out of the person". The Disneyland Alumni Club is a lifelong connection for former Cast Members.

So if you haven’t signed up for Club membership yet, please do so today. We’d love to know who you are, where you are, and how we can continue to keep the ever-growing list of Disneyland Alumni connected.

Our Mission

To Preserve, Honor, and Perpetuate the Values, Traditions, and Outlook upon which Disneyland was created

Our Members


We come from all over the World, but at one time, many of us passed through the gates into a magical land, and many even got to work there!

Executive Directors

Donna Sue Davis - Locations
Steve Davis
Mark Eades Treasurer, Newsletter Editor
Richard Ferrin - Chair
Mark Keiser - Secretary
Mark Houck - Events coordinator
Mary Ann Meirowsky as Merchandise
Jerry Meirowsky
Michelle Nagata - 65th Dinner chair
Peggy Matthews Rose - Facebook Editor & Newsletter Contributor
Ted Yamada - President


Richard Ferrin (chair)

Mark Eades (treasurer)

Ted Yamada (president)

Ron LaPedis

Justin Donne

Mark Keiser (secretary)

(1) Open Vacancy

Our Charity

One way in which we are “living Walt” is by honoring his love for children through our support of children’s charities. Currently, we support Toys For Tots in tangible contributions to their work. All members are invited to help cement our connection and to exhibit Walt’s ideals in a clear and substantial way.

Throughout the year, we will show you how to offer your personal support in unique ways because YOU are ALWAYS PART OF THE MAGIC!