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By Mark Hickson: The Buckets were so cool. Where else could you be swept away into the sky and travel from a fantasy to tomorrow? The Buckets, as we always called them, were perfect for two friends to share. There was always a high level of excitement after you were loaded and dispatched. Your Bucket would climb the cable until you reached the first tower then bump, bump... bump, bump, as you rolled over its wheels and off to the Matterhorn.

"Hey! Don't swing the bucket, we might fall off!" was a regular shout as we passed those going the other way. I found that girls were especially prone to saying this. At this height you could smugly look down on the masses in line at the Submarine Voyage or the Autopia knowing that they will have to wait in the hot sun while you are floating above them.

As we approached the Matterhorn you could hear the screams and howls of guests pummelling down its innards. Something I'll always remember is the whoosh of the wind hitting you as your bucket entered the Glacier Grotto. Then darkness and more screams until you exited - revealing your final destination.

Many people had great times and experiences taking this one of a kind trip. Some even had their first kiss in the Matterhorn. All I know is that this ride is sorely missed, and will never be forgotten.