The following are some excerpts from a press release on Disneyland's first anniversary, July 17, 1956 (thanks to Werner Weiss)

  • Average expenditure of Disneyland's guests for the first year was $2.37 per person. This figure includes parking, admission, rides, amusements and Disneyland souvenirs
  • Certain of the Park's rides have proved especially popular with the visitors. These have included the Peter Pan dark ride in Fantasyland, the Adventureland Jungle River Boat Ride, the Santa Fe and Disneyland trains, and the Autopia Freeway's miniature autos in Tomorrowland.
  • The Park offers 33 rides and amusements, seven more than when the Park was opened.
  • Free exhibits at Disneyland now number 21 compared to a total of 11 available last July.
  • Some of these new rides, part of an overall $2 million expansion program recently completed, include the Disneyland Skyway, the Rainbow Caverns Mine Train Ride, the Indian Village and War Canoes, Storybook Land and Tom Sawyer's Island.
  • Scheduled for opening next Spring will be the "House of Tomorrow" sponsored by the Monsanto Chemical Company, one of the Park's exhibitors.

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