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Join us Saturday, March 5, at the Cinemark Stadium 25 theater in Orange for an exclusive matinee showing of the next Disney Studio release, Zootopia.

Featuring the voice of Once Upon a Time star Ginnifer Goodwin,Zootopia pits optimism vs. cynicism in an action/adventure/mystery, set in the animal-populated metropolis of Zootopia. In the story, rookie police officer Judy Hoppe (Goodwin) is trying hard to prove her bunny self worthy, but is repeatedly frustrated by a difficult partner, fox Nick Wilde (voiced by Jason Bateman).

We’ll “meet up” beforehand at 1 p.m. at nearby Spin Neapolitan Pizza and then attend a DAC-only showing of Zootopia at 3:30.

Tickets are just $6.75 each for Disneyland Alumni Club members in good standing. As always, you may purchase tickets for your friends and family as well. Please remember that seating is limited, so order early to make sure you get as many as you’d like. Also you can pick up your tickets at Spin Neapolitan Pizza!

Walt Disney Animation Studios President Andrew Millstein talks with Disney Insider about Zootopia in this article.



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