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Story by Chuck Lucas.

After finishing orientation at the University of Disneyland, I was anxious to work in the Park. I was scheduled for the Main Street Magic Shop at 10.50 on Saturday.

Not being familiar with military time schedules, I didn't know that 10.50 was 10:30 a.m. and not 10:50 a.m. I waited in the break area until about 10:45 before reporting to the shop, arriving to find that I was 20 minutes late!

Ken, an experienced Host in the Magic Shop (and an expert joker and prankster), slipped next door to the Tobacco Shop and telephoned me. He introduced himself as my supervisor and said how disappointed he was that I would be late for work on my first day on the job.

He needed to verify that I was actually on the job, so he instructed me to go stand next to the cigar store Indian in front of the Tobacco Shop (now 20th Century Music Company).

Ken’s office was across the street on the second floor of the Emporium. He told me to watch the windows for him to wave his acknowledgement. I didn't know that the second floor windows were a false front and that there were no offices there.

I stood next to my new fiberglass “friend” with his hand full of fake cigars, waiting and watching for the curtains across the street to be pushed aside and a wave.

After 20 minutes, my “supervisor” relented and told me to come back into the shop. We all had a laugh about what a big dope I was, but I was happy to have passed the indoctrination and become part of the family.
In the early 1970s, the Main Street Magic Shop had a beautiful free-spirit Cast Member named Trish. She would come to work and when she stepped behind the counter (out of view of the Guests) she'd kick off her shoes and work in her stocking feet. By this time, I was the lead and on a slow day I decided to have some fun.

Ken 1971

Ken 1971

While Trish was preoccupied, I scooped up her shoes and put them in a merchandise bag. Folding over the top of the bag, I handed it to Trish and told her that a Guest had forgotten his purchase and that she needed to run it over to Lost and Found.

She looked around for her shoes, but of course she couldn't find them because they were in the bag that she was holding. I pressed her to hurry, telling her that the Guest would be upset if his purchase wasn't turned in at Lost and Found.

In a panic and barefooted, she ran across Main Street and around the corner to Lost and Found. As was their policy, Lost and Found opened the bag to check the contents and give Trish a receipt. It wasn't until they pulled her shoes from the bag that she figured out what I'd done.

Chuck Lucas and Jim in the Main Street Magic Shop

Chuck Lucas and Jim in the Main Street Magic Shop