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Story by Mark Hickson:

We use to call it "Puppy Paradise." After all, what puppy wouldn't be proud to rest his pooch here. It's at Disneyland! When my family and I would go to Disneyland, we would often park on the right side of the Main Gate. This gave us the opportunity to walk by the Ken•L•Ration sponsored Ken•L•Land Pet Motel. The yellow Dutch doors would always be open with a cheery attendant checking in some lucky dog, for a fun filled day just outside of the berm.

Behind the building was the super-secret doggie exercise yard, where it is said that there were little, dog sized attractions for them to ride... but that was only a rumor. What I do remember is how loud it was. Dogs barking like there was no tomorrow. I imagined them saying to each other about how lucky they were to be at Ken•L•Land, and eating such great pet food provided by Ken•L•Ration!


The Ken•L•Land Pet Motel opened January 15, 1958. In 1968 it was renamed the "Kennel Club" and sponsored by Kal Kan. Gaines and Friskies have also been sponsors. It is now called "Disneyland Kennel Club" and is sponsored by Purina.

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