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By Mark Hickson:

Have you ever noticed that as you walk through the entryway at the Disney's Grand Californian Resort, just off to the left on a big column, you will see a series of beautiful glazed ceramic tile artworks?

The first one is the resorts name, highlighting a giant redwood tree done in a craftsmen/art deco style. To its right, is one with eight trees. It includes pine cones, the state flower California - the California Poppy, and in the upper left a giant Sequoia.

Continuing around to the right are two tiled panels that few guests see. First we have two Bears playing music! Relaxing in a beautiful field they are playing away to the delight of the bears in the next panel around on the right, who are dancing! These panels include a dragonfly, butterfly, lizard, humming bird, a frog, and a cricket. There are also 11 hidden Mickeys in the four panels.

On your next visit, see if you can find all the critters and the Mickeys too!

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