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Story by Mark Hickson:

Way before I worked for Disney my family and I had a special treat. After dinner we would drive from our home in Los Alamitos and do the "$6.75 tour of Disneyland."

It involved driving to the Disneyland Hotel and visiting the wonderful waterfalls in front of the Bonita Tower, taking in the "Dancing Waters" show and topping it off with a trip through Disneyland via the special "round trip only" ride inside the rear cab of the monorail.  What made every visit special and unique was we only had to pay $2.25 each, everything else was free! We must have done this a couple of dozen times during the late 70's and early 80s.

There were two shows of the "Dancing Waters" show every night. It was a blast watching the colored water jets synchronize with the music playing in its special own arena. Then we would frolic between the waterfalls trying to get not too wet! Then we were off to the monorail for our own special "VIP" trip into the Magic Kingdom. We would stop at the station in Tomorrowland but never let out (we were locked in!). Then returning to the hotel to watch the fireworks before our trip back home. We enjoyed this so much that we would invite guests and family to be part of our "Special" Disneyland experience!

Above: The Dancing Waters show

Below: The Beautiful Bonita Towers Waterfalls. Boy do I miss them!


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