By Mark Hickson: There is a little story behind the Harbor Galley in Critter Country that few people know. During the early design & construction of Splash Mountain it was not part of the project. At that time the "Mile Long Bar" fast food place was to be re-themed and re-opened with Splash as the "Brer Bar." It was then learned that Disneyland management wanted to tear-down the old Fowler's Harbor facade because it was falling apart and just plant some trees and shrubs in its place. Some in Imagineering did not like that idea because of it's history, so they devised a way to save old Fowler's Harbor and Fowler's Inn. Long story - short, that was the birth of Harbor Galley! Now there were 3 places to eat in Critter Country and everyone was happy (including me). On opening day in 1989, they served shrimp cocktail, popcorn shrimp (my favorite), and halibut sandwiches.

P.S. Some will argue that Harbor Galley is part of N.O. Square, and not Critter Country.


The original Fowler's Harbor 1955

DbMFowlersHarbor2Fowler's Harbor before demolition in the late 80's.

DbMharborg2008The side of Harbor Galley in 2008.

Harbour Galley

The Harbor Galley at Fowler's Harbor today.

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