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The Disneyland Alumni Club leadership, in keeping with our continuing mission to “To preserve, honor, and perpetuate the values, traditions, and outlook upon which Disneyland was created,” is evolving as evidence of our unflagging commitment to these goals.

Since our incorporation as a 501(c)(3) charitable corporation in 2009, our all-volunteer leadership has been a board of directors, which guided our executive officers as they created events and planned activities for you.  This tradition continues with new people in those roles.

Beginning in 2016, the Disneyland Alumni Club will be guided by a more robust Board of Directors (more Directors joining) and new roles for our Executives.  As always, all service is 100% volunteer-based.

In implementing these changes, this past weekend election of a new DAC president was held. Disneyland Entertainment Alumni Richard Ferrin, who has served in the role of President since 2014, now moves to the Board of Directors. President and Chairman of the Board responsibilities are now held by Mark Austin Keiser.

Mark worked for RETLAW (The Disneyland Railroad) from 1972-1976 and in Security from 1977-1981. From the Park, he moved on to various distinguished law enforcement, security, data privacy and data strategy roles from the CIA to his current role as Director for Data Strategy Enablement, Customer Information Management for the Walt Disney Company. Also a member of the Disneyland Alumni Club since 1986, he helped oversee the club’s incorporation and recognition as a 501c3 charitable corporation. All DAC involvement is, of course, as a volunteer.

Please congratulate Richard ([email protected]) and Mark ([email protected]) in their new responsibilities!



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