Story by Mark Hickson:

Last year I was privileged to be part of a special Disneyland Alumni Club tour of the Blue Sky Suite at the Disneyland Hotel. Hosted by Disneyland Hotel executive Denny Nicholas, we visited the former 'Wrather Suite' that was re-themed into the Blue Sky Suite during the last renovation of the hotel.

Located on the top of the "Fantasy" Tower, this was originally the private suite for the Wrather family, who built and owned the Disneyland Hotel for many decades. It is now used as a corporate retreat for brainstorming and team building. It is available for +$4,000 a day but is not meant to be used as an overnight accommodation.

This large 3,000 sq. ft. suite has three meeting areas, a food and bar area, a veranda, two restrooms and a full bathroom with walk-in shower and raised tub. The futuristic 50's/early 60's retro style is carried throughout the suite with it's furnishings, lighting, carpet and art.

Most impressive part of this incredible space is the concept paintings by Disney legends you find throughout. Featuring pre-Tomorrowland and pre-Epcot scenes, you feel almost like being transported into the world of the 'Jetsons.'

So, take a few moments an enjoy this special visit to the Blue Sky Suite!


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